To Do

Here you'll find my to do list. It started out as 30 things to do before turning 35 (That's about 12 years from now... Wishful thinking!), but it's turned into more then 30. I think I'll keep adding to this list as I come up with more goals.

 1. Learn how to make Pho like mom
 2. Complete the BBC book list (31/100)
 3. Read 3 books a month for six months (Completed - January!)
 4. Climb the Great Wall of China
 5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a full week!
 6. No clothes shopping for one month
 7. Sort out my foreign taxes
 8. Learn to read Vietnamese
 9. Climb a mountain
10. Invest in a classic handbag (I'm looking at you Prada)
11. Try Acupuncture - January 6th, 2013
12. Take a self defence class
13. See a west end play in London
14. Go to the Tomatina festival
15. Go to Amsterdam
16. Visit the Greek Islands
17. Take a bath in a Hamman
18. Be a mommy!
19. Take Photography lessons
20  Take HTML classes (online ok!)
21. Declutter my closet and give clothes to charity
22. Visit Iceland
23. Do a 30 day hot yoga challenge
24. Become an Irish citizen - not by marriage!
25. Update my official documents with my married name
26. Devour a Chicago hot dog - December 19th, 2012
27. Set up and decorate a Christmas tree
28. See the Grand Canyon
29. Watch all James bond films (1/23)
30  Watch all Monty python films (2/5)
31. Apres ski in the alps - no actual skiing necessary ;)
32. Find the perfect pair of brown boots - searching for the past two years!!!
33. Create wedding album
34. Create a yearly photo book. Starting in 2008
35. Visit 10 new museums (3/10- Victoria & Albert, Natural History Museum -London, British Museum)
36. Watch the box set of the Wire
37. Watch the box set of Downtown Abbey
38. Attend an afternoon tea at a fancy hotel - March 23, 2013 at the Westbury
39. Go pumpkin picking
40. Buy a house in the U.S.
41. Go to every continent (5/7)
42. Visit a volcano
43. Go skinny dipping
44. Eat a bug
45. Go to South America


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